The Green Book Project is a mobile app that helps folks from marginalized groups find inclusive businesses and avoid discrimination.

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In 1936, a Harlem postal worker and activist named Victor Hugo Green created a list of businesses and areas that were safe spaces for African-American travelers. Green's list was originally just made for his friends and family, but it quickly gained popularity and became a national publication. Its nameā€¦ The Negro Motorist Green-Book.

Previous to Green's publication, African-American travelers had to rely solely on word of mouth to avoid the dangers of racism and segregation on America's open roads.

Although Victor Green's publication is no longer in circulation, its mission to keep African Americans safe lives on through The Green Book Project. The Green Book Project uses crowdsourced reviews to help marginalized groups find inclusive businesses and avoid discrimination in their daily lives.

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Read the Reviews

View reviews of any business written by users from the Green Book Project community. Have an experience you want to share? Write your own review!

Filter by Intersections

Curious to know how a business treats Black women? Queer folks? Use intersections to filter for reviews written by people like you.

Post an Alert When Things Are Unsafe

Green Book users can create alerts to warn their community when an area is unsafe due to things like anti-immigration raids or white nationalist rallies.

Support inclusive business owners

Use our business tags to identify inclusive practices and support businesses owned by underrepresented folks.